Handpiece Repair

Repair, Rebuild and Refurbish Cosmetic Laser Handpieces

LA Laser Outlet offers handpiece repair, rebuild and refurbishment services with a 90 day warranty from the follloing cosmetic laser manufacturers:

  • Alma Handpiece
  • Candela Handpiece
  • Cutera Handpiece
  • Cynosure Handpiece
  • Hoya Con Bio Handpiece
  • Palomar Handpiece
  • Lumenis Handpiece
  • Syneron Hand Piece
  • Sciton Handpiece

Aesthetic laser handpieces need a tune-up after extended use. As medical laser handpieces accumulate shot counts the laser may no longer be working optimally. One option is to buy a new handpiece. You can also repair, rebuild or refurbish you existing handpiece and save a tremendous amount of money. LA Laser Outlet fully repairs aesthetic laser and IPL handpieces.

Included in the repair process is putting in a new flashlamp, resetting the shot count, polishing the crystal, cleaning the cavity, swaping out the optical fibers as well as testing the energy to ensure optimal energy output. Repairing the handpiece will lead to better results for your patients. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions for you to keep your business up and running. We want the care for your medical laser equipment to be affordable. LA Laser Outlet employes skilled technicians to repair handpieces and rebuild laser heads for various laser manufactuers

Medical Laser Handpiece Repair Process:

  1. We email a FEDEX label to you
  2. We email pictures of the existing handpiece before and after the refurbishment process. 
  3. We FEDEX your fully refurbished handpiece back to your business 

Call us today to begin the process to repair, rebuild and refurbish your Alma, Candela, Cutera, Cynosure, Lumenis, Hoya Con Bio, Palomar and Syneron handpiece.

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